Административной зданиеState Forestry Institution “Shchuchin Forestry” Grodno State Forestry Production Association located in the central part of the territory of Grodno region Shchuchin (50.5%), Mosty (45.6%) and Leeds (3.9%) of administrative districts. The total area of ​​forestry is 99,622 hectares, including forested land 90,348 hectares, includes 11 forest districts – 34 workshop areas, 140 rounds, mechanical-repair workshops, forest seed shop, the base kennel, forest hunting farm:

  • Gurnofelskoe forestry
  • Dembrovskoe forestry
  • Zheludokskoe forestry
  • Zachepichskoe forestry
  • Kurilovichskoe forestry
  • Malkovichskoe forestry
  • Masty forestry
  • Ostrinskiy forestry
  • Peskovskoe forestry
  • Rozhankovsky forestry
  • Shuchin forestry

The length between the extremities of Forestry forest from north to south – 66 km from west to east – 65 km. Forestry is bordered in the north – with FME “Lida Forestry”, in the east – with FME “Dyatlovo Forestry”, in the south – with FME “Slonim forestry”, in the south-west – with FME “Volkovysk leshoz”, in the west – with FME “Skidelsky forestry”.